It has been well understood for decades that more frequent meal timing is ideal for optimal body composition.  The most recent meta analysis of the data confirms this as well as decades of anecdotal reports.(1)   A minimum of 4 to 5 meals is recommended, which is why our meals are between 400 to 600 calories each allowing you to accurately measure your caloric intake. 

Each meal has enough protein to maximize muscle-protein synthesis, the goal of which is to keep your metabolism as high as possible throughout your diet by maintaining lean body mass.

In addition, our meals are optimally designed by a professional chef to be as delicious as possible.  The problem with traditional cutting diets  is that the meals can be bland and boring.  This is one of the reasons that dieting for an extended period of time can be very difficult for some people.  Our meals are so delicious that you won't even realize how low calorie they are.

One of the biggest difficulties associated with losing weight is feeling hungry all the time.  This is why our meals are specifically designed to be as large as possible.  This is done by using low calorie density, high volume ingredients.  This way, you are able to eat a large volume of food, more frequently, and keep hunger to an absolute minimum. 

Anyone who has dieted for an extended of time knows that cravings can be tough to deal with.  This is why we offer low calorie versions of your favorite foods.  In addition, if there is something specific you are craving, we will do our best to make a delicious low calorie version for you.  We take special requests, just email [email protected] for requests and other communications.

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